The hypersensitivity of people with fibromyalgia.

There is no doubt that fibromyalgia causes sleep disturbances, acute muscle pain, chronic fatigue, and a long list that you know by heart. But .. What if we talk about hypersensitivity? Is not it just as familiar?

Many people suffering from the disease do not associate sensory overload with FB, but it is another of its main symptoms (although not as well known as those we told you).

For example, below we show you a list of situations in which you can find yourself. If you see that one of them is frequent in you (or, on the contrary, none) we would appreciate it if you would explain it to us leaving a comment. Due to the lack of studies in this regard, explaining our own experiences is one of the most reliable things we have. Among all we can make a complete list of the most frequent symptoms of fibromyalgia related to hypersensitivity.

I do not roll up anymore and I start the list:

  • When you hear a minimally loud sound, it seems to amplify in your head, like someone hitting it with a hammer. A small noise can be the most annoying.
  • And, what happens if you focus directly on the eyes with a powerful light? Or do you turn on the TV when you are with the light off? Is not it more unpleasant than it should be? You have the sensation that your eyes are burning.
  • When you are in a relaxed situation, a strange tingling appears on your extremities (hands or feet or even legs and arms).
  • Sometimes you feel that your skin burns at the minimum that the sun illuminates you a little more than necessary.
  • The temperatures affect you no matter how they are. If it’s hot, you have a lot, but the one that does something cool, the cold takes over your body.
  • As if that were not enough, everything comes to your heart. Whether it is something good or something bad that they tell you, you personalize it and internalize it a lot. If someone releases a “I love you” you can get excited quickly.

Dr. Daniel Clauw, after an important journey of study of the disease, has concluded that an alteration in the brain caused by FB could be the cause of all these sensations so odious.

A recent study from the University of Michigan, also, relates the amount of sensory overload in a person, with the pain suffered because of fibromyalgia. That is, someone who has hypersensitivity throughout the body, feels much more pain than someone who has it only in some areas. The more sensitive points, the higher the level of pain.

Did you know this information? And, in your case, how many of these symptoms do you suffer? Have you felt identified with the situations on the list? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!


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