The Pressure to “Cure Yourself” When You Have a Fibromyalgia.

“Have you tried this?” “Hey, I think this will work for you!” “Did you see this article, definitely will fix you”…… These are all things anyone suffering with a chronic illness, especially one as mysterious as fibromyalgia hear ALL THE TIME. From friends, family, co-workers, random people on social media.

Don’t get my wrong, it’s very much appreciated. There are a lot of articles available that have different natural “remedies” as well as new medications and treatments that are being researched and released. It’s too much to keep up with. It’s tough to know what is valid and tested, and what is not.

However, as much as it’s appreciated, it is just as much overwhelming. Dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, depression, amongst many other frustrating symptoms, isn’t easy. Personally, I am willing to try just about anything to get some relief. The difficult piece of this is that what can help one person, may not help another. Just because one random facebook article provided substantial relief for one person, does not mean it is cure for all those suffering.

There are people who love you, and care about you, so you have a sense of guilt to not listen and look into their “cure”, even if it’s one that you’ve tried and haven’t had success with before. The guilt is just as painful and overwhelming as the disease itself. “Why hasn’t your doctor tried this?” “What does your doctor think of this new medicine?” “Tell your doctor to do this.” “You need a new doctor.”

Another difficult situation is dealing with people passing judgement on your doctor. Fibromyalgia is still such a mystery, and so different from patient to patient, that it is just as frustrating and overwhelming for the doctor attempting to treat you.

Some of the suggestions to me over the years have been:

And the list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve tried many of the suggested remedies, because I want relief. I want to take the help from family and friends. I want to cure myself as much as someone wants to cure me. I want a natural remedy to work because I don’t want to be on so many prescription medications.

The reality of the situation is that right now, there is no cure.

Yes, fibromyalgia can get better. Yes, you can have good days and bad days. But, there is not cure. It will not go away. You won’t wake up one day and be magically cured after taking a few vitamins. The reality is that you can hopefully manage your fibromyalgia. There will be a lot of trial, and a lot of error, with hopefully some success. The reality is that one out of one hundred suggestions may actually provide some substantial relief.

The reality is that not everyone understands the pain and struggles that comes with any chronic illness. The reality is that the people who care about you want to help. They want to see you get relief and “cured” as much as you do. The reality is that we still want friends and family to make suggestions, because it helps us know they care. The reality is that reality isn’t optimistic. There isn’t a cure. There isn’t a magic pill.

But the reality is that you aren’t alone.


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