The most important things that victims of fibromyalgia should stop doing.

12 things that patients with fibromyalgia need to stop doing.

1. Stop putting your own needs in the back burner. – If you have any type of chronic debilitating condition, you must first put your own needs. 
2. Stop spending time with the wrong people. – If someone is adding stress to your life, that stress is making you sick. Eliminate stress by removing that person. 
3. Stop holding a grudge – Holding a grudge is an unnecessary stress. This causes us to create negative thoughts about a person when we think about them and concentrate on negative thoughts when we should try to find ways to concentrate on more positive things.

4. Stop trying to be everything for everyone. – The ability to say “No” is not very valued. Many times, those of us with fibromyalgia probably can not say “no”, feeling guilty when we can not or will not say “yes”. We can not be everything for everyone, nor can we be everything for ourselves and we do not need to be.

5. Stop lying to yourself. – You’re sick, admit it. You do not feel well. Someone else asks and you respond with “I’m fine”, but it’s not the truth. It is not the truth when you say this to them and it certainly is not the truth when you say it to yourself.

6. Stop wasting time explaining to others. Most people do not care enough about you to worry about their illness or disorder or why they can not do what they can not do. Keep it simple, just say “no” and move on. Do not try to explain why you can not do it, because you’re probably not hearing anyway.

7. Stop trying to grab the past. While you can find ways to improve your symptoms, it is likely that you will never be 100% new. There will always be limits. Stop trying to achieve the life patterns you had before your illness and realize that it was then and that is now.

8. Stop berating yourself for old mistakes. – Guilt and guilt are our constant friends. Stop beating over the things you have done in the past (or the things you wish you had done, but not).

9. Stop being jealous of others. – It’s so easy to be jealous of what others have or what others can do. Little do we perceive that they also have limitations. Nobody sees the true life of another, their abilities or deficiencies, their limits.

10. Stop complaining and feel sorry for yourself. – Seriously! It is okay to play a pity party once in a while, but it should never last more than 5 minutes and you should never invite friends. Concentrate on the positive aspects in life, there are many.

11. Stop ignoring the beauty of small moments. – How many times have we heard that we should “stop and smell the roses”. You really do not enjoy those little things until you can not do them anymore.

12. Stop trying to make things perfect. – They are already. Well, maybe they are not perfect, maybe they can even be better than now. But the goal is that you need to focus on reality instead of perfection.


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