New Stem Cell Treatment For Fibromyalgia

The stem cell treatment for fibromyalgia is a significant medical promise for a reason: until now, the condition doesn’t have any cure. Many patients also deal with the symptoms without an effective treatment. Using stem cells to provide pain relief and even cure the condition may be the solution.

Stem Cell Treatment for Fibromyalgia | Can It End Pain?

To understand the importance of stem cell treatment for fibromyalgia, it’s essential to know more about the disease.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that impacts the entire body through muscle pain and fatigue. People with fibromyalgia struggle with agonizing pain in specific locations. Doctors refer to these areas as tender points. These typically include areas such as the hips or arms.

The condition can occur in both men and women, but it’s usually an issue affecting women’s health. The average age is from 35 to 45 years old.

The management of fibromyalgia is challenging. For one, it’s not well-understood. For a long time, people think it occurred due to inflammation. The American College of Rheumatology has already corrected that.

Some studies suggest it has something to do with damage to cellular tissue. It may be genetic as well. Often, the condition occurs when other major life events happen. These can include death, divorce, or job stress. Repetitive injuries and accidents may also trigger it.

In many cases, doctors could misdiagnose a patient. In the early stages, the symptoms may resemble those of irritable bowel syndrome.

Fibromyalgia patients also have difficulty in communicating the pain. In fact, some may confuse it with chronic fatigue syndrome. Both can share the symptoms, but they differ in the intensity. For example, with fibromyalgia, widespread pain is ever-present. It’s also hard to understand why treatment doesn’t work.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

People with fibromyalgia have a poor sense of well-being. They deal with intense chronic pain and lethargy. To be more specific, they can exhibit the following:

  • Sensitivity to pain
  • Pain that occurs in the arms, hands, legs, or hips
  • Pain that seems to move through the body (it may be in a different place each day)
  • Muscle spasms
  • Stiffness
  • Lethargy or fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances usually due to pain
  • Numbness and tingling in the limbs

Over time, fibromyalgia leads to other complications. These include anxiety and depression. It can also trigger dry eyes, dry mouth, restless leg syndrome, and dizziness.

Typical Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Typical Treatment of Fibromyalgia | Stem Cell Treatment For Fibromyalgia
Before the development of stem cell treatment of fibromyalgia, there are existing options. The plan depends on the patient’s needs.

Common therapy involves managing the fibromyalgia symptoms and flare-ups. Various medications are available to manage the condition. Muscle relaxants can reduce the pain at the tender points. They can also reduce anxiety, which can improve sleep quality. Other patients can get relief from anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-inflammatory diet.

Using Stem Cell Treatment for Fibromyalgia

For many people with fibromyalgia, the present treatment plan can be a hit or miss. For this reason, the doctors are exploring using stem cell treatment for fibromyalgia.

Stem cells are unique. They can take the structure and function of existing cells. For example, if doctors introduce them to the muscle tissue, those cells also become muscle tissues.

For fibromyalgia patients, it could mean stimulating the body’s natural healing process. They can reduce the dependency on medications. They can also deal with the root cause by developing new muscle tissues. In the process, they can reduce or eliminate pain.

To treat a condition with stem cells is also simple. A patient visits a stem cell therapy doctor. The doctor performs the necessary evaluation and then harvests the existing stem cells. Once ready, the physician injects these stem cells into the painful areas.


A stem cell treatment for fibromyalgia can help control the flare-ups. Know more about what they are in this video by invisible i:

The benefits of stem cells are many and that includes a viable stem cell treatment for fibromyalgia. Like regenerative medicine, this option is still in its infancy. Hopefully, though, with regular clinical trials, it won’t be long before it becomes mainstream.

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