Lyme disease warning: Avril Lavigne opens up on health battle amid ticks rise in UK.

AVRIL Lavigne has opened up about her debilitating battle with Lyme disease amid tick infestations in the UK rising to some of the worst levels in Europe.

Southeastern areas of England are seeing “very high” populations of ticks, which cause fatigue and spread Lyme disease. Some of the regions affected include rural parts of Kent, Sussex and Essex. A study has also found these areas have the same levels as Italy, Romania, Switzerland and Norway..

Pop star Avril Lavigne has recently revealed how Lyme disease has blighted her life.

While promoting her new song Head Above Water, she revealed she started feeling unwell during a tour in 2014.

But because she was not diagnosed soon enough, she was ill for two years.

She said to Billboard: “I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to relive it. But it’s my responsibility.”

Lyme disease warning:

Scientists at the University of East London also researched the number of tick bites occurring over the last seven years.

One researcher said the ticks were spreading “northwards in latitude and upwards in altitude.”

Public Health England said infections have increased by 35 percent between 2016 and 2017.

Pest control expert Mario Stanchev advised people to wear insect repellant containing DEET.

Lyme disease warning:

Lyme disease warning: Ticks cause fatigue and spread Lyme disease (Image: GETTY)


He said: “You should also wear light-coloured protective clothing that covers the skin, as well as tucking your trousers into your socks.

“Check your children and pets for any sign of a bite.

“Don’t assume that ticks only live in the forests. They could just as easily be lurking in the long grass in your garden.”

Ticks are dangerous as they spread Lyme disease, which can lead to joint pains, memory problems and fatigue for more than six months.

Lyme disease warning:

Lyme disease warning: Ticks usually spread the disease after being attached to the skin for 36 hours (Image: GETTY)

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi.

Ticks usually spread the disease after being attached to the skin for at least 36 hours.

Symptoms of Lyme disease includes a red circular rash and muscle and joint aches.

Scientists have also warned global warming will increase the spread of lyme disease in the future..


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