FIBROMYALGIA: 20 exercises to improve memory.


The neurologist Iván Okamoto suggests a more tranquil lifestyle, with a balanced diet, without vices and with the regular practice of physical exercises. Over the years, the brain is also losing its productive capacity, and if not trained begins to fail.

The American neuroscientist Larry Katz, author of the book “Keep your brain alive”, created the so-called “neurobic” gymnastics, that is, a special exercise routine for the brain.

 Katz’s theory is based on the argument that, just as the body needs exercises to develop fully and in a balanced way, the mind also needs training and stimulation.

 Neurobics consists of reversing the order of some common movements in our daily routine; This alters our perception without altering our routine.

 The objective is to consciously execute the actions that generate emotional and cerebral reactions. The exercises include everything from reading upside down, to greeting the neighbor who never says good morning in the elevator.

The step-by-step training

 The challenge of the neurobic is to do the opposite of automatic acts, forcing the brain to an additional effort.

1- Use the wristwatch on the arm opposite to the one that always uses it.

 2- Walk back and forth through your house.

 3- Dress with closed eyes.

 4- Stimulate the palate by tasting different foods.

 5- Read or see pictures upside down, concentrating on details you had never noticed.

 6- Put the clock before a mirror to see the time upside down.

7- Change the computer mouse to the other side of the table.

 8- Write or brush the teeth using the left hand, or right, in case of being left handed.

 9- On the way to work, make a different route than usual.

 10- Introduce small changes in your habits, transforming them into challenges for your brain.

 11- Browse some magazine and look for a photo that catches your attention. Then think of 25 adjectives that you think describe the image or subject photographed.

 12- When you go to a restaurant, try to identify the ingredients that make up the chosen dish, and focus on the most subtle flavors.

 13- When entering a crowded room, try to calculate how many are on the right side and how many on the left. Look at the details of the decoration and enumerate them with closed eyes

14- Select a phrase from a book and try to form a different phrase forming the same words.

 15- Try playing a game or activity that you have never practiced before.

 16- Buy a puzzle and try to fit the correct pieces as fast as you can by timing the time. Repeat the exercise to see your progress in speed.

 17- Try to memorize the market list.

 18- Consult the dictionary and learn a new word per day, and try to use them in your daily conversations.

 19- Listen to the news on radio and television as soon as you wake up, and later make a list of the most important ones.

 20- When reading a word, think of five others that start with the same letter.

Healthy habits

 To keep the memory always alert we must pay attention to the quality of life.

 The neurologist Iván Okamoto suggests a more tranquil lifestyle, with a balanced diet, without vices and with the regular practice of physical exercises.

 “Memory is part of health, so it is important to avoid smoking and excess alcoholic beverages, exercise and follow a balanced diet. Maintaining mental activity, whether working or participating in a group activity helps raise self-esteem and put memory at full steam. “

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