BIG NEWS: The World Health Organization Just Declared Medicinal Marijuana Safe To Use. Says It Isn’t A Health Risk


For all those eagerly waiting patiently for marijuana treatment to be legalized in their state, the issue has just got a big boost by the WHO (World Health Organization). Who declared medicinal marijuana safe and it does not have any health risks. Instead it is beneficial for diseases like epilepsy, cancer, Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases. Now isn’t that the sweetest news??

Medicinal Marijuana now being advocated by the World health organization

WHO says Medicinal Marijuana not a scheduled drug and can treat epilepsy
Medicinal Cannabis is currently legal in 29 states. Although health experts warn research is too juvenile to rule out side effects, WHO have established the contrary. After several months of their own investigative research, the world health body has declared that CBD can help treat epilepsy without the risk of addiction.

The Organization will also run a complete review of cannabis and its related substances in 2018. Physicians and the medicinal marijuana industry have been eagerly awaiting something like this which will speed up the legalization of Marijuana in the entire country.

Path-breaking conclusion after years of research
If by chance, the World Health Organization declared cannabis to be a scheduled drug that would become a huge obstacle for physicians from prescribing it as a treatment worldwide. WHO’s report published on the 15th Dec 2017, also recommends rigid restrictions on fentanyl which is a synthetic opioid responsible for the deaths of thousands addicted to it.

Path-breaking conclusion
The report also speaks of the current interest of the member states in the issue of using cannabis as medication. The report also says that WHO has spent years in collecting information and scientific evidence to support the benefits of medicinal marijuana, cannabis and its components. The report also concluded by saying that research on both animal and human subjects have proved that cannabis can be used for its therapeutic value in seizures because of epilepsy and related disorders.


The man who proved it possible starting in Mexico
The WHO report has made an important decision of not scheduling medicinal marijuana because there is no justification and reason to do so. It will not lead to addiction and hence is considered safe. Previously it was assumed that medicinal marijuana can cause addiction because of the substance THC which has psychoactive properties and induces a high.

Elizade, the founder and president of HempMeds

One of the biggest advocates of legalizing medicinal marijuana is Mexican Raul Elizade who fought to be allowed to treat his daughter suffering from epilepsy. When Raul heard the decision of the WHO, he was overwhelmed. The man was instrumental in influencing the Mexican government to legalize medicinal marijuana. This allowed him to treat his daughter Grace who suffered almost a hundred seizures a day. Today she suffers only a few after the treatment. Elizade, the founder and president of HempMeds Mexico said in an interview ‘I’m ecstatic that these international health leaders agree that CBD is a substance that should not be scheduled and has therapeutic value for a variety of medical conditions. ’

Mexican government to legalize medicinal marijuana

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WHO declares its official stance on medicinal marijuana, Says it is safe!

The World Health Organization had on Dec 14th declared official its stance on medicinal Marijuana being safe for the treatment of several types of disease. This is a definite shot in the arm for those still advocating the legalization of the medicinal use of the drug in various states of the USA where it still remains illegal. Presently the US Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration regards marijuana as a “Schedule I Controlled Substance, or has no currently accepted medical use in the US, a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision, and a high potential for abuse.”

WHO declares its official stance

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This is absolutely in contrary to what WHO has declared which may have many desperately in need of the drug for treatment more hopeful for its easy procurement and use. In Fact, much credit goes to Raul Elizade who spoke to the WHO during its 39th AGM of its Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) in November.

medicinal marijuana

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Thousands to benefit from a new milestone on legalization of medicinal marijuana

The ECDD has also mentioned that there is evidence to prove that CBD has the potential for abuse or dependence like other CBD substances such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Likewise, the Organization now advocates the use of medicinal Marijuana in Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, certain cancers, Parkinson’s and Epilepsy.

WHO says that Medicinal Marijuana is perfectly safe for use. This is undoubtedly the best news of the day. As many will now jump towards creating medical formulations of the drug, several thousand across the nation suffering from the disease will benefit.

 Medicinal Marijuana

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