10 Long term effect of toxic mold.

The humidity of your relative environment decides whether you are living in the atmosphere of toxic mold or not?  If the level of humidity is more than 55%, then the chances of molds are maximum and its effects are also somehow specific.

 toxic mold

10 Long term effect of toxic mold

  1. Respiratory Problems-

One of the most effective toxic mold syndrome can be seen in your respiratory system is Asthma. The reason behind it is occurrence of  toxic mold, which enters in the body and human being are unable to resist this. Occurrence of Stachybotrys, which is a “black mold”, when combines with other mold as Aspergillus can easily produce a large amount of toxins.

  1. Cancer-

The long term effects that can be seen and gets influenced in a serious condition is cancer. Aflatoxin, which is responsible for Cancer, can easily produce  poison. This poison of fungi enters in the body with the help of foods. Peas and some other grains contain this toxic. Anyone can be the victim of cancer through Aspergillus, and Aflatoxin is its kind.

  1. Neurological problem-

The effects of toxic mold in higher level lead some serious kind of neurological problems. The extremes of this kind of effect can be very much higher and its result is death. Though, cases of death are rarely seen, but if the Mycotoxins present in a large manner in a residence, then environment gets effected. The different toxins are responsible for various mental problems come under neurological effects and hormonal level gets unbalanced in the brain.

  1. Dermatitis and Rashes-

Rashes and itching are the most common effect of toxic molds, but risky for the people. It is always said that higher level of toxins can damage the skin, immune system and many others. But, you should know that, though the dead fungi are unable to grow, but it can produce itching well as rashes.

  1. Autoimmune disease-

Sometimes toxic mold or better to say Stachybotrys is completely responsible for a weak immune system. Toxic mold symptoms in children are very dangerous and thus it must be careful to the parents. Not, only in kids, this dangerous effect can also be seen in adults and it can damage bone marrow and lymphoid tissue.

  1. Memory Loss-

It is very effective in case of a memory loss of a person through a toxic mold. But, what is the actual reason behind it.  A toxic fungus in excess amount can easily enter directly into your brain. It is also very important to know that this mold can easily enter through your nose or  through your eyes via olfactory neurons. toxic mold symptoms in children affect the memory loss and it requires a perfect treatment.

  1. Pulmonary Hemorrhage-

It is very important to take a great care of the person as the excess toxin can be the result of pulmonary hemorrhage. In this bleeding from the lungs can be seen in the person. This acute bleeding can be seen from the upper portion of the body sometimes. A non toxic mold can be availed with other molds.

  1. Cold and flu symptoms-

Toxic mold symptoms in children and the first stage of getting effect of this is cold and flu. It always requires to get rid of the symptoms first, but the toxins present in the air as well as the various surfaces of your home are responsible for the allergic symptoms. Sometimes non toxic mold is also responsible for some kind of allergy.

  1. Headache-

The different types of molds together can produce a large manner of toxins.   Aspergillosis is not very much dangerous always, but some kind of this mold is dangerous and present in the air. It can be seen indoors as well as outdoors. Thus, if molds get contacted by your body in any ways, as by getting inhaled or through your food, then possibilities of entering into your body will be much more.  Headache can be seen, which is a toxic mold syndrome.

  1. Hair Loss-

Fungi can increase frequently in any part of the body either internal or external, no matter where it is. Due to toxic mold, if fungus gets contacted on your head, hair loss can easily be seen. The only way to get rid of this problem is an exact treatment. Moreover, if you will neglect that symptom, then hair loss can be seen for a long time and it will be very tough for you to get your hair back..


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